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Dell Vworkspace

Quest vWorkspace is the next generation solution for provisioning, deploying, and managing enterprise desktop infrastructures. Our 6th generation solution offers the most comprehensive virtual desktop management capabilities bar none. Coupled with our industry-first Experience Optimized Protocol, desktop virtualization concepts now can turn into reality.
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Nhà sản xuất: Dell Software Inc
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Future-Proof Your Investment in Virtual Desktop Management
Not only does Quest vWorkspace support every major hypervisor available, the desktop management platform simultaneously supports and fully integrates and automates application delivery, desktop deployment, and management from all the relevant solutions: Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware ESX, Virtual Iron and Parallels Virtuozzo Containers. This unprecedented level of flexibility ensures that customers¿ investment in vWorkspace is future-proof. As customers contemplate migrating to more cost-effective next generation solutions such as Microsoft¿s Hyper-V or Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Terminal Services, they are assured a seamless transition without a rip-and-replace exercise.
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