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Websense Web Security formerly Websense Web Security Suite

Web security, reputation, and filtering protects against known and new Web threats for Enterprises up to 250,000+ users, with networks of virtually any configuration.
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Nhà sản xuất: Websense
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Websense Web Security (formerly Websense Web Security Suite) protects against spyware, malicious mobile code, phishing attacks, bots, and other threats. Unlike many solutions, it also blocks spyware and keylogger backchannel communications from reaching host servers. Websense Web Security includes Websense Web Protection Services, to provide phishing protection to help guard Web sites, brands, and Web servers.

Websense ThreatSeeker Network continuously scans the Internet—more than 40 million sites every hour—to find new malware before it strikes. By finding a threat at the source, Websense can block it everywhere—from email to webmail, from static URLs to dynamic Web 2.0 sites. Websense Web Security uses multi-layered defense to thwart botnet attacks, provide phishing protection, and block access to infected URLs and botnet 'phone home' communication.

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