VB Watch
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VB Watch

VB Watch is a Visual Basic 6.0 add-in providing advanced error handling code for debuggin and testing projects and measuring performance. It processes all Visual Basic code files (.frm, .bas, .cls, .ctl, .pag, .dsr, .dob) inside Visual Basic projects (.vbp) or project groups (.vbg). It is fully customisable and includes source backup that zips all source files regardless of location. It works within the Visual Basic IDE with p-code and native executables. It comprises:

  • VB Watch Protector: inserts professional error handling to VB projects.
  • VB Watch Profiler: measures the time spent in each procedure or line of code and records executed code
  • VB Watch Debugger: a real-time debugger for monitoring the execution of compiled projects.
  • VB Watch Console: allows you to batch process projects with predefined settings.
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