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GoodSyncis an affordable utility that provides all the tools you need to keep your data safe and up-to-date. GoodSync is straightforward and user-friendly—it forgoes a graphically detailed user interface and gimmickry for pure functionality. Whether you’re simply looking to backup your data to protect it from crashes or need to synchronize data on a network, GoodSync makes it easy to keep you data current and safe with a minimum of hassle. We were impressed with the program’s barebones design and simplicity.
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GoodSync was designed with automation in mind. There’s no reason to manually transfer and backup your important documents, spreadsheets, images and media. After configuring GoodSync and creating sync or backup profiles, the program runs itself and executes automatically. Scheduled syncs and backups can be configured to run at intervals of your choosing. By creating multiple profiles it is possible to schedule syncs for more time sensitive data every evening and a more comprehensive backup and sync at the end of every week.

GoodSync has a number of safety measures in place to ensure that you don’t accidentally overwrite data or senselessly duplicate files. In the event that a file is modified on two different computers, GoodSync will not overwrite either version, instead, the program will log the event as a conflict and will require you to manually combine the differing files.

Because GoodSync is not capable of synchronizing or merging Microsoft Outlook files it is probably not an ideal candidate for many office environments.
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