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Laplink PCsync

Whether aiming to successfully migrate data to a new PC or schedule regular syncs between two computers, most users are looking for sync software that doesn’t demand a whole lot of attention. Laplink PCsync, our TopTenREVIEWS Bronze Award winner is just that—a low maintenance sync program that automates the majority of its tasks and only occasionally needs hands-on monitoring from you. We like the straightforward, visual interface that makes scheduling tasks, manually moving files and configuring advanced syncs a matter of a few moments and few mouse clicks.
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Data transfer, synchronization and data backup can eat up hours of your time if you opt to manually move and compare files with an external hard drive or online storage service. Laplink PCsync combines the tools you need to transfer, merge, mirror and replicate data into one easy-to-use program. In addition to standard data transfer and backup, Laplink PCsync is equipped to execute bi-directional synchronizations between two computers. Using its SmartXChange synchronization algorithms, Laplink PCsync verifies transferred data and ensures that files updated on two different machines do not replace one another. The program also keeps an archive of potential problem transfers in the SmartXChange library to ensure that you never lose data during a sync.

Laplink PCsync includes a scheduler that allows you to automate daily, weekly or monthly syncs.

While most users should be just fine conducting syncs via a LAN cable, wireless connection or external hard drive, Laplink offers a USB cable that can be used in lieu of a network to synchronize computers.

For about thirty dollars more, you can purchase Laplink Gold—a more feature rich synchronization and migration program designed for use over the internet that includes remote desktop control.
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