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Data Recovery Wizard

The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard from the development team at Yiwo is adisk recovery software utility that works for all common file systems making it a tool to have for file recovery. Its capabilities of recovering deleted files from hard disks and external hard drives now extend to solid-state drives and other types of flash-based media. It even supports your iSCSI and RAID configurations.
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Nhà sản xuất: EASEUS
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The feature-rich Data Recovery Wizard has a list of available options for your file recovery software needs. EaseUS has built-in cross-platform functionality that allows Data Recovery Wizard to recognize different file systems for your user-defined file attributes. Data Recovery Wizard works with Windows, Mac and Linux file systems. It is also compatible with most MP3 players and even some smartphones, which can come in particularly handy if you lose your music library or a contact.

The list of available search options is impressive. Among other options such as Deleted File Recovery, Complete Recovery, Partition Recovery and RAW Recovery, the Data Recovery Wizard has Deep and Quick scanning options. The Quick Scan option provides a cursory scan that can restore deleted files 90 percent of the time. A deeper scan will have you enjoying better results, but will take much longer; just make sure that you check the Option button to limit the number of returns. As a search tool, Data Recovery Wizard has been made highly configurable, making it one of the best file recovery tools on the market.

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