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Data back up and data file exchange solution over the heterogeneous Intranet and Internet or standalone environments

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WinTAR-SCSI provides data back up and data file exchange solution over the heterogeneous Intranet and Internet or standalone environments. WinTAR-SCSI has the following features:

  • A new and improved user interface for the tar program using Windows 95/98 controls. Click here to preview WinTAR-SCSI's main screen. (8K)
  • Full support of double-byte character system such as Chinese and Japanese. Double-byte filenames and directory names are handled and displayed properly in all list boxes in the corresponding language version of Windows 95/98/2000/XP, and Windows NT.
  • Read and write tar files on a local hard disk.
  • Read and write tar archives directly on 3.5' 1.44MB floppy diskettes. The disks can directly be read/written on a Sun workstation equipped with 3.5' floppy drives.
  • Read and write tar archives on a tape in a SCSI tape drive (4mm, 8mm, QIC, DLT) attached to your PC running Windows NT or Windows 95/98/2000/XP.
  • Control your SCSI tape drive (eject, forward, rewind, search, and end-of-tape) through icons similar to a cassette tape deck.
  • Read and write a tape with multiple tar archives
  • Read and write multi-tape and multi-floppy tar archives
  • User-defined backup templates for common backup patterns
  • Support files up to 8GB - 1 byte within a tar archive on tape.
  • Import and export of the tar archive listing/index without reading the tape content.
  • Selective archive extraction via selection from a list or an extract file list.
  • Read and write tar archives in both POSIX 1003.1 and GNU extended tar formats.
  • Auto-detection/adaptation of tape parameters (if your tape drive supports the feature).
  • Incremental/modified backup
  • GNU compatible volume header and long file name extensions
  • Byte swapped tar archives used commonly from tapes created from SGI.
  • On-the-fly smart text conversion between DOS and Unix text files.
  • Tape drive's hardware compression.
  • Tape drive's fixed and variable block size in multiple of 512 bytes.
  • Support tape drive's different density codes for different tape formats
  • Supports selection of a tape drive from more than one tape drives in your PC.
  • Support fast block search for SCSI-2 tape drives when reading archive content and extracting selected files.
  • True 32-bit multi-threaded operations.

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