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Altova Authentic Browser-Plugin 2014

Altova Authentic 2014 browser plugin is an advanced WYSIWYG XML authoring tool that allows technical writers, documentation specialists and business users to view and edit XML and relational database content without being exposed to the underlying syntax. XML documents and database tables are created and edited in electronic forms via a sophisticated word processor-style interface, based on structured report designs developed in StyleVision. Authentic is ideally suited for use as the user interface element of XML-based content management systems, document frameworks and enterprise collaboration workflows.
Giá: Liên hệ
Nhà sản xuất: Altova
Kho hàng: Có hàng
Lượt xem: 690
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New Features

New in Authentic Browser Plugin 2014

  • Google Chrome support - new browser plugin for Google Chrome
  • Push installer - use the push installer to easily install browser plugins.

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