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ChartDirector is a professional chart component for windows and web applications.
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  • Layering Architecture - Enables you to synthesize the charts you want using standard chart layers. Use layers to create arbitrary combo charts, add special symbols, marks and labels to charts, highlight chart objects, add error bands ...
  • Comprehensive Chart Styles - Pie, donut, bar, line, spline, step line, trend line, curve-fitting, inter-line filling, area, band, scatter, bubble, floating box, box-whisker, waterfall, finance, gantt, vector, radar, polar, rose ...
  • Financial Library with Source Code - Includes sophisticated financial charting library with 46 technical indicators. Comes with source code. Also includes an Interactive Financial Chart sample program.
  • Meters and Gauges - Angular meters of arbitrary angular span. Linear meters in horizontal and vertical orientations.
  • Unparalleled Customizability - Powerful object oriented API allows you to customize every chart details.
  • Flexible Axis System - Unlimited number of XY axes per chart. Automatic, semi-automatic and manual scaling. Linear, log, date/time and label-based axis. Configurable axis margins. Customizable axis labels.
  • Markup Text Support - The innovative ChartDirector Markup Language (CDML) technology allows rich formatting of text - embed icons and images in text, use multiple fonts and colors in the same piece of text, control text layout, alignment, line-spacing, wrapping, truncation, ...
  • Advanced Color System - All objects in ChartDirector are painted using configurable 'color brushes', supporting ARGB colors (true color with alpha transparency), pattern colors (wallpaper), gradients, metallic colors, and threshold colors (colors that depend on data values).
  • AJAX Enabled User Interactions - Full suite of mouse events for chart objects. Customizable hot spots on charts. Pop-up tool tips, drill-down, drag to zoom and drag to scroll support. AJAX enabled for web applications so charts can be updated without page refresh.
  • Browser Compatibility - Produces charts in PNG, JPEG, BMP, WBMP and GIF. Viewable by virtually all browsers, including mobile and hand-held devices. Charts can be embedded in email, word documents, PDF, etc. as images. No client side Java or ActiveX controls required.
  • On the Fly Chart Creation and Delivery - Charts can be generated and delivered to the browser on the fly as standard HTTP image data. No temporary image files needed.
  • Bandwidth Efficient - Optimized color reduction algorithm for creating palette based charts that look as good as true color charts, but with much smaller file size. Ideal for Internet applications.
  • Easy to Use - Producing charts requires just a few lines of code. Comprehensive documenation and numerous sample programs.
  • Internationalization - Unicode characters support. Configurable number and date/time formats.
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