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Foxit WebPDF SDK

Foxit WebPDF SDK is a software development kit that allows developers to provide PDF viewing capabilities to their end users through web browsers - without requiring additional software downloads or installation. Since browsers are device agnostic, the end user can use any popular desktop or mobile device. The WebPDF SDK provides a browser/server solution which allows the developer to design the appearance of the web viewing experience within the web browser and include functions such as view, navigation, search, annotation, watermark, save, and print. It allows users to view the information online with extremely high fidelity, in the way that the author published the content.
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The core rendering technology of WebPDF SDK is based on Foxit's PDF engine, which is a trusted component of many applications and is the underlying technology that powers Google's open-source PDFium project. PDF Rendering capabilities include:

  • Industry's highest fidelity rendering
  • Go to page (with shortcut key support)
  • Zoom in/out, fit width
  • Check document properties
  • Display of bookmarks
  • Thumbnail view of each page in the document

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