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F-Secure Messaging Security Gateway delivers the industry’s most effective security for corporate messaging infrastructures. It is the most accurate antispam solution* along with capabilities for antivirus, data loss prevention and e-mail encryption. F-Secure Messaging Security Gateway removes as much as 99.8% of spam.

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Mobile Security is a part of Protection Service for Business, a complete security service solution hosted by F-Secure. This provides one portal to centrally manage IT security regardless of device.
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F-Secure Protection Service for Email provides the industry’s most effective email protection for businesses by removing 99.8% of spam or more.* Protection Service for Email is a turn-key solution for small and medium enterprises that is delivered by certified F-Secure resellers.
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F-Secure’s Protection Service for Business (PSB) gives comprehensive security for desktop and laptop computers including: Antivirus, antispyware, intrusion prevention, application control, proactive protection (F-Secure DeepGuard™), rootkit detection (F-Secure Blacklight™) and spam filtering.
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