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Trình kết nối Outlook cho MDaemon mở ra các chức năng hợp tác nhóm phần mềm của triển vọng microsoft bằng cách sử dụng MDaemon làm máy chủ gửi thư email. Với Outlook Connector cho MDaemon bạn có thể giữ liên lạc với nhân viên, đồng nghiệp, khách hàng và nhà cung cấp bằng cách chia sẻ email, lịch của Outlook, với lập kế hoạch bận / bận, sổ địa chỉ, danh sách phân phối, mất, ghi chú và hơn thế nữa.

Giống như MDaemon, Outlook Connector được thiết kế cho các doanh nghiệp có ít hoặc không có hỗ trợ CNTT. Tính đơn giản, khả năng chi trả và các tính năng mở rộng làm cho Outlook Connector cho MDaemon là cách hiệu quả nhất để sử dụng hợp tác

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Xbase++ provides users and developers of Clipper programs with a smooth migration path from text-based DOS applications to modern graphical applications on 32-bit Windows systems and OS/2. It provides almost 100% language compatibility with CA-Clipper (versions Summer '87 to 5.2x) and the ability to make a smooth migration to a full GUI using the hybrid mode. It includes:
  • 32-bit compiler
  • Linker and platform-independent resource compiler
  • ProjectBuilder that monitors dependencies and controls build processes
  • Debugger
  • FormDesigner for interactive design of GUI interfaces and the generation of GUI code
  • Comprehensive online documentation
  • Printed basic user's guide
  • Complete sample applications with source code.
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AgenaRisk is a powerful risk assessment and risk analysis tool. It arms users with the latest algorithms to quantify uncertainty and produce models for prediction, estimation and diagnosis, all made accessible via a sophisticated and intuitive graphical user interface.
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PSTStation Corporate helps organisations to manage their Microsoft Outlook PST files by providing IT administrators with tools to detect PST files across corporate network and run automatic archiving, backup or move and update jobs.
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MP*Print allows users to print incoming emails with different rules to selected printers as well as add extra criteria based on extensions.
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MailControl monitors the size of the personal folder (.pst), in which messages are stored. With two levels of control - Normal and Strong, you can define a normal threshold of control beyond which users are warned when the size of their personal folder exceeds the preset limit. In addition, with the Strong control, you can define a second threshold that blocks the reception of further messages and warns, recipient, sender and if the size of your .administrator that messages are rejected when specific personal folders exceed the authorized size as well as the sender when the messages are rejected.
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AttachTracker writes mailing information and displays information directly in Windows Explorer, without having to open Outlook. Mailing information associated to a file sent or received are now available in Windows Explorer. Users can now delete the messages and their attachments and still look-up the mailing history information directly from the file.
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Acunetix WVS checks for all web vulnerabilities including SQL injection, Cross site scripting and many others. SQL injection is a hacking technique which modifies SQL queries in order to gain access to data in the database. Cross-site scripting attacks allow a hacker to execute a malicious script on your visitor’s browser. Detection of these vulnerabilities requires a sophisticated detection engine.
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ActiveDataTools is a huge collection of tools for working with data. ActiveDataTools helps you manage, convert and cleanse your data more effectively. Using ActiveDataTools, you can read and write dozens of popular data formats, correct and format data, query and filter information and quickly validate datasets.

ActiveDataTools contains hundreds of ways to manage your data, like correcting padding and letter case, making date formats consistent, correcting number fields and more. ActiveDataTools helps you enrich and enhance your information, remove wrong/invalid data and improve data quality.

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eaDocX is the high-quality Microsoft Word document generator for the popular UML modelling tool, Enterprise Architect (Sparx Systems).

It offers:

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Tight integration withWord and Excel
  • Produce ready-to-publish documents with a couple of clicks

.. for Analysts

Thousands of analysts all over the world already benefit from using EA to capture their work. EA allows analysts to use the full range of UML and other techniques to capture all aspects of a business.

... for Architects

Capturing an Enterprise Architecture is a major undertaking, and one which requires the very best tools if it's to be worthwhile. You need tools which can both capture the organisation's knowledge effectively, but which can also get that knowledge out to the designers who need it.

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XLSReadWriteII is a component for reading and writing Excel files. It is a native Delphi component whereby users do not require any other files or software in order to use it. The program works as an invisible grid component. All cells are always accessible, and can also be moved, deleted or copied.
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ASTA VoIP is part of a series of multimedia technologies now available including:

  • ASTA SIP Voip Toolkit for Delphi and .NET including Winforms and PocketPC and Visual Basic 6 via COM
  • ASTA Voip H323 Version 2 for Delphi
  • ASTA Multi Point Control Unit (MCU) for H323 Conferencing
  • SkyWire Video SDK with MPEG4 Support
  • RTSP and 3gpp SDK for Windows for video to 3gpp clients including Cell Phones. C++ and Delphi Suppo
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The ASTA Safari Kit includes:

  • ASTA 2.6 Entry Suite with a server licence for an unlimited number of clients
  • ASTA 3 licence
  • All ASTA Palm and WinCE Messaging Clients including:
    • Code Warrior
    • CASLSoft
    • Falch
    • Satellite Forms
    • PocketStudio (Pascal for the Palm)
    • AppForge
    • eVC++
    • eVB.
  • ASTA JDBC Driver
  • ASTA ODBC Driver
  • ASTA BinaryPatch Manager
  • ASTA PosBus syncronisation and replication tools
  • ASTA Java Messaging
  • ASTA COM client for VB
  • ASTA VC++ client
  • ASTA C# Client
  • ASTA Remote Control Technology with source code.

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Arkeia Network Backup suite supports heterogeneous deployments of software and appliances and can be customised via the command-line interface. It supports one hundred and thirty platforms, hot backup agents for a dozen databases, applications and virtual machine environments, most tape drive and tape libraries and cloud storage options. Custom Restore Objects enable administrators and end-users to initiate restorations at will. Extensible reporting provides administrators with the information for managing backup environments. Assess risk and address problems before they become critical. Reporting features assist managed service providers by providing a simple path for exporting reports into a custom built billing or reporting infrastructure.
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Arkeia offers the option of online backup for a wide range of applications and operating environments. Plug-ins are available to perform online backup of widely used applications like Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, DB2, Lotus, Open-Xchange (including SLOX), LDAP, MS Exchange and MS SQL Servers.

All Arkeia Hot plug-ins are compatible with Arkeia Network Backup and Arkeia Smart Backup.

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The EdgeFort backup appliance provides simple, reliable and affordable data protection for remote offices and mid-sized businesses. The EdgeFort appliance is completely integrated with Arkeia’s award winning network backup software and a complete backup hardware system, including disk and an integrated tape drive. Arkeia’s new federated data management architecture allows remote and centralized data protection, making it possible for remote/branch offices to backup, restore and archive critical data, with no local IT resource needed.

EdgeFort removes the complexity of purchasing, configuring and managing a backup server, a tape drive and all of the related management software. With the federated data protection architecture, there is no need for an expensive expansion of network infrastructure or costly local IT resources to ensure local data is backed up and encrypted.

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