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Vmware Ảo Hóa

VMware Inc. là một công ty phần mềm ảo hóa hàng đầu thế giới vốn thuộc tập đoàn EMC chuyên làm phần mềm tạo máy ảo cho các hệ thống máy tính tương thích chíp x86 của Intel. Để hiểu về việc mua bản quyền của Vmware

Các sản phẩm chính của Vmware.

Data Center Virtualization and Cloud Infrastructure
Virtualize and consolidate servers, and do the same for networking, storage and security, at your own pace. Enable provisioning in minutes and complete your private cloud with automated management.

+ vCloud Suite

+ vMware vSphere

vSphere 5 is licenced on a per-processor basis. Each physical processor (CPU) in a server needs to have at least one vSphere 5 processor licence key assigned to be able to run vSphere. vSphere 5 licence keys can be purchased, deployed and managed in the same way they were with vSphere 4.x.

-There are no restrictions on physical cores or physical RAM with vSphere 5.

-There are no restrictions on the number of virtual machines that can run on each properly licenced vSphere 5 processor.

-VMware vSphere Desktop is specifically designed for licensing vSphere when used to run virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). It can only be used as virtualisation platform for VDI deployments with either VMware Horizon View or third-party connection brokers.

+ vSphere with Operations Management

VMware vSphere with Operations Management is licensed per CPU and available in three editions. One instance of VMware® vCenter Server™ is required for vSphere deployments (sold separately).

+ vSphere Storage Appliance 

vSphere Storage Appliance is licensed per instance. Each license supports the creation of one vSphere Storage Appliance cluster, with up to three nodes. Customers can purchase more than one license for vSphere Storage Appliance per VMware® vCenter Server™ instance. 

+ vSphere Data Protection Advanced 

vSphere Data Protection Advanced is licensed per CPU (processor). One license of VDP Advanced is required for each CPU of vSphere hosts running protected virtual machines. Simply put, match the number of vSphere licenses in the environment.

This means customers can:

  • Protect as many virtual machines as needed on licensed vSphere hosts.
  • Deploy virtual appliances as needed (up to 10 per VMware® vCenter Server™).
  • Deploy application-aware agents as needed (they are included with the solution).

vSphere Data Protection Advanced can also be purchased as part of the Enterprise and Enterprise Plus editions of the vSphere with Operations Management Accelerations Kits.

+ Virtual SAN

+ vCenter Site Recovery Manager 

+ Virsto

Data Center and Cloud Management

Manage virtualized and dynamic hybrid cloud environments with purpose-built tools. Unify, automate and simplify all facets of management for the highest performance, capacity utilization and compliance.

Infrastructure as a Service

Implement a hybrid cloud in hours with a reliable, secure cloud service that’s completely interoperable with your data center. Deploy all your existing processes and applications just as they are.

vCloud Hybrid Service

Desktop Virtualization and Mobile Computing

Transform workforce productivity by turning siloed desktops, applications and data into mobile, centrally managed IT services that are consistent, always in compliance and securely delivered to any device.

Personal Desktop

Easily and flexibly run Windows programs on a Mac at home or work. Do more on your laptop than ever before: run apps on multiple operating systems. Develop, test and debug. Even build an entire cloud.

Application Platform

Leverage the efficiencies of a virtualized infrastructure that is ideal to develop and deploy modern applications. Take advantage of lightweight footprints that allow for greater consolidation ratios and improved utilization.

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